Anthony Cosentino Putnam


For more than 20 years, Anthony Cosentino of Putnam, Connecticut, has worked as a social studies teacher at Woonsocket High School, across the border in Rhode Island, not far from Putnam. In addition to teaching sociology and social studies, he created the Global Citizens Project, which provided students the opportunity to travel to Rwanda as part of their studies. Anthony Cosentino also formed and coached the school’s award-winning debate team.

In recognition of his accomplishments, Mr. Cosentino received the school district’s Teacher Exemplary Contribution Award in 2003. He spent nine years as vice president of the Woonsocket Teachers Guild, representing it at the American Federation of Teachers National Convention several times.

Mr. Cosentino holds a BA in history with a minor in secondary education from St. John's University. He then obtained an MA in history from Providence University. In his home community, he serves as a volunteer firefighter with the Putnam Fire Department. He maintains membership in the Society Farsarotul, the country’s oldest and largest Arumanian association.


Anthony Cosentino